Tuition & Fees


Tuition and Fees


Safe Harbor‘s program is unique, and the opportunities presented here are unparalleled for your son. The program is funded exclusively by donations and tuition payments (we receive no government funding). We charge tuition that is roughly 50% of what it costs us to keep boys in the program, and that is as much as 75% less than what normal therapeutic boarding schools charge.  Personal and corporate donations fund the remainder of our expenses and capital equipment and buildings.  

Just as your family must meet its financial obligations, so Safe Harbor has to meet its own. Otherwise, we could not offer the help your son and family need. Parents or family members must participate financially in sending their boy to Safe Harbor.  Our obligation is to move him away from bad decisions and bad behavior, helping him become a man of character, integrity, and vision.

Please call or inquire online about our current tuition rate.

Academic Cost
There is no additional charge for any of the academics or vocational programs offered at Safe Harbor, including maritime trades training.

Medical/Dental or Emergency Expenses
Families are responsible for paying these expenses. We will present your insurance information to the provider. We request families with insurance plans check the provider list in Duval County before admission. We will discuss this further during the intake telephone call and/or admission planning.

Tuition Payments
Tuition fees are required to be paid monthly. 

How Others Have Supported their  Son’s Enrollment

Church/Sunday School Groups/Cell Groups/Work
Many residents have been admitted to Safe Harbor through group efforts, including churches, Sunday school groups, cell groups, and donations from those at work.

Company Matched Donations
Since Safe Harbor is a charitable nonprofit, employers will often match Safe Harbor gifts.  Ask your company Human Resources department.

Family Members/College Funds
Oftentimes grandparents will help send their grandson to Safe Harbor. Many families realize college will not be a reality in their son’s life if they do not receive help now, and they use college funds to help offset costs at Safe Harbor. Some gifts from family members may be tax-deductible; please check with the Internal Revenue Service or your accountant to see if they can take advantage of Safe Harbor‘s 501(c)3 charitable status.

State Educational Funding
Some states may provide funding for your boy’s education in Florida.

Insurance Coverage
Safe Harbor does not accept insurance. We are not a “treatment” center. Your insurance carrier may cover some costs at Safe Harbor having to do with the counseling we provide. However, we cannot determine if your insurance company covers our expenses, and we will not negotiate with your insurance company.


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