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“I am not a strong enough writer to explain what it is like to have my son back. My son that is happy, loving, honest, helpful, hard working and just an absolute pleasure to be around. He is his best self and has a new found confidence that is so wonderful to see.”

Parent of Student – 2019

“Oh my goodness that video! I can’t even find the words to express how wonderful it was to watch (your new video). It’s memorized at this point as I’ve watched it over 100 times over a box of tissues. I’m literally speechless. I hope you never ever tire of hearing how grateful we all are for you and what you do. THANK YOU.”

Keri and Family

“I just want to express our gratitude to you and the staff at Safe Harbor (past and present). We appreciate yoiur efforts with Matthew and are thrilled that he has a H.S. diploma. Safe Harbor has enriched his life and his parents. Many thanks and blessings.”

-Cindy & Tom

“Here are some updates on my boy…he is in college, with a 4.0 GPA (he had F’s and D’s when he first started your program). It has been fun watching him grow and become a fine young man! We attend church on regular basis, and he is looking to join a local youth group. Best regards to you and all at the Harbor, and to all who work so hard and so willingly with the boys!”


“Moving to Safe Harbor was one of the best things my family could have done for me. It was the perfect opportunity to escape the toxic relationship I had with my mother at the time, and get rid of my loser friends that where going one hundred miles an hour to nowhere. Safe Harbor gave me a new foundation that I could build my future on and a fire to succeed and do everything with excellence. Since leaving in July of 2014, I was able to enroll in the University of Nevada Reno at 16. At 17 I passed my state exams to be licensed in Life and Health in Nevada and I now provide supplemental benefits to Union members and their families. Since starting this job in May of 2015 I have also just been promoted into an entry level management position. A position that 30 and 40 year olds were competing with me to get. I cannot express enough, how thankful I am for this school. It changed my life, and at 18 I am very excited to see where this new path leads me.”

–Jonah P (Class of 2014)

“I like to think of my time at Safe Harbor as my very first stepping stone to becoming the man I am today. Safe Harbor taught me a lot about discipline, suffering injustices, and learning how to be a man of excellence through my work ethic. I am very grateful for my time there and consider it extremely foundational for the decisions I have made in life since.”  

–Isaac (Class of 2011)

“During my time at Safe Harbor I learned many important lessons, especially regarding personal responsibility. After graduating from the program, I earned two bachelor degrees and began a career in journalism. I also taught high school, was elected to a county-wide elected office and served as the chairman of  a local political party. During those years, I started a family and now have three wonderful adult daughters, each of whom is pursuing higher educational opportunities and careers of their own. Today, I am an investor and living out my dream of cruising aboard a sailboat of my own. I am certain that none of this would have been possible without the guidance that Safe Harbor provided me during my turmoil-plagued  youth.”  

–Steve B (Class of 1987)

“Our son has been doing very well and has become quite motivated towards his future. He has learned so very much and we are quite proud of him. We just cannot thank you enough for being there for us. You have been an incredible blessing in our lives.”

–Tex and Nanette

“I wanted to let you know that our son has a new job working with a company that repairs, tests and cleans high voltage electrical equipment. He is doing great and is working very hard which he enjoys. He signed up at the community college and will start taking classes next week to work on his associates degree in electronics. He is doing very well and still living at home to save his money. I expect that when he finishes school he’ll be buying a house and moving out. I want to say thank you again and express our appreciation and gratitude for the time and energy that Safe Harbor staff put into our son; we will be eternally grateful. We think of you and pray for you often and the work that you are doing.”


“I am always thinking about our experience with Safe harbor and pray you continue to keep helping the young men that have the privilege to enter your program. I can’t be anymore serious, if there is anyone that you wish to have us give advise please don’t hesitate we would be most grateful to speak about on our family experience.”

–Lisa and Bruce

“The whole story is unreal. Within one week of leaving Safe Harbor he is going to college and working……and wearing me out! Thank you!”

–Susan M (grandparent)

“If Safe Harbor was not in my boy’s life he would be a “huge mess.”  THANK-YOU sooooo much!!!  Even though he has a lot more growing up to do, we are happy to be in this chapter.  Please know there is not a day that goes by I am not for some reason thinking about our experience from the past year and have a peaceful feeling inside.”


“Safe Harbor has been our salvation.”


“Safe Harbor has been a life saver for him and me.


“We can’t thank you enough for all the time and energy all of you have invested in our son. Our boys are a precious gift form our Lord and Savior.  It means so much that you all view him and treat him with the same respect.  It has been incredible to see the Lord’s hand throughout this experience.  I am looking forward to see how the Lord continues to work in his life.”


“I just can’t thank you enough for all you have done for our family.”


“I am just soooo excited my son was blessed with this opportunity.  Today was the first Sunday in years that I know our son has a clear vision. From being scared to enlightened feels wonderful.


“Well, if you ask us how our son is doing we would both smile and say GREAT!”


“I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate what all of you at Safe Harbor are doing for us.”


Each of us are truly grateful for the program which you have developed and what a positive impact and turn around you have made in  our son’s life. He especially tells of all the good which you helped developed in him.”


“I just wanted you to know we had a wonderful visit with our son (now in the military)! This was my best Christmas in years, thanks to Safe Harbor.”


“Thank you for not only being a part of my boy’s life, but being instrumental in it! Through you, God has changed the course of his life . . . he is able to cope with life, has a work ethic, and seems to be flourishing in the Army. I am amazed at his turn around every time I talk to him.  Words cannot express the gratitude I have for you. You were truly a God-send to my family.”


“My son is now a joy to have around and helps with the dogs and the house. We are grateful for Safe Harbor and the integrity, discipline, and morals which you taught our son.  He stands tall, he is respectful, happy, and healthy.”


“Each of us are truly grateful for the program which you have developed and what a positive impact and turn around you have made in our son’s life. He especially tells of all the good which you helped developed in him. Thanks for all you do. I am pleased my son is at Safe Harbor.


“My grandson’s attitude and enthusiasm are both great. I credit Safe Harbor with literally saving his life. Please let me know if I can do anything for you, and Thank You for everything.”


“J is doing very well. I visited with him last month and he seems to be doing very well – taking 3 classes at EC College, going to a great church, has lots of friends, and genuinely seems to be growing up. While I miss him very much, EC seems to suit him well. He bought a car…got a job…exercises regularly and has stayed in shape. He looks so handsome. Thanks for the prayers. We are very grateful.


“Yes, thank you God for putting you and everyone at Safe Harbor in our path. We will continue to keep you updated he will be very happy to come see you and show you…he’s a real boy now! We’re so proud of him. Thank you for giving us back our son. I am very happy to talk to anyone about what you are doing there at SH. I know now that for us part of the blessing we received was the calm knowing we felt from the moment we were in touch the first time. But yes a large part of getting [my son] thru was supporting what you do. If there is anything we can do please keep me/us in mind.


“I’m just focusing on my grades. You’ll be glad to know I’m still maintaining and shaping my boundaries, and I find a well balance with it all, including my social life. How’s the weather over there in Florida? It’s constant blue skies and warm weather… the ‘perfect weather’ is starting to get on my nerves. I’m continuing to work on myself, and my life, but I’m frustrated at times, because I know I can strive for so much more. I’m more reserved I guess you can say now. I’m not as dramatic as I use to be but I still have my moments! I have a few good friends other than that I stay to myself and have good leisure time to work on goals.”

–JK (graduate 2012)

“I was very impressed with my son and he was more than just helpful. He was paying attention to the task at hand, to the point where he often knew what I needed from him before I had to ask. He seems to take great interest in learning all he can I am hope we were able to teach him some things. I think he was impressed with one of the tricks I showed when starting a motor that been sitting for awhile…I just wanted to share with you the good character I observed this weekend and how appreciative I am. Thank you for allowing him to work with us and thank you for having him in the program. Safe Harbor has been a great place for him.

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Should you need help finding Christian boarding schools, therapeutic boarding schools, teenage boarding schools, affordable alternative schools, please let us know. Safe Harbor is among the top therapeutic schools, our therapeutic boarding schools for boys; one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. As a home for troubled boys it serves at-risk boys, we help boys in Florida, Georgia, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, in Arkansas, and in Texas. Plus, in the Midwest in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana and in Illinois. Mostly, troubled teens from homes along the east coast including in Virginia, in North Carolina, in South Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in New Jersey, in Massachusetts and in New York are provided counseling and therapy.

Testimonials, Comments and Reviews about Safe Harbor

Testimonials, Comments and Review about Safe Harbor

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