Sailing Toward a Brighter Future


Sailing Toward a Brighter Future

boys home boarding schoolThe boys are setting sail! At the end of March, they’ll be spending three days at a retreat center – one they’ll travel to via boat on a trip they are responsible for planning from start to finish.

Safe Harbor is committed to providing an environment for the boys to gain leadership experience through real-world opportunities. Not only does this trip help them learn valuable lessons on planning and teamwork, but it also allows them to log hours needed that can go toward obtaining their Captain’s License.

After each extended trip on the water, the boys undergo a debrief where they have the privilege of seeing what other boys did well and where they could improve. Graduates from Safe Harbor consistently share how trips like this forge memories they carry with them for a lifetime.

It’s incredible to see the transformative possibilities your support creates. So thank you for your commitment to helping provide an environment for at-risk boys to grow into leaders of the future.

P.S. Thank you for any gift you’d like to give to help Safe Harbor continue providing boys in need with these life-changing experiences.

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