Safe Harbor Mission

The mission of Safe Harbor is to provide a caring, loving, disciplined atmosphere, to instill self-esteem, responsibility, and reliability in the boys. We endeavor to assist the boys in becoming responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and vocational training. Our goal is to teach them to live and work in harmony with others, to be accepting and tolerant of their fellow man without compromising the truth, in a word to become mature. To this end we believe this is maturity:

  • To know God and enjoy a personal relationship with Him.
  • To be able to stick with a job until it is finished.
  • To be able to bear an injustice without wanting to get even.
  • To be able to carry money without spending it.
  • To do one’s duty without being supervised.

academyThe goals of our educational and vocational programs are to prepare the boys for entrance into and success in the workplace. The foundation principles used include a focus on INTEGRITY and GOOD CHARACTER, teamwork, listening and speaking ability, problem-solving, ability to instruct and lead others, ability to allocate one’s time and money, reasoning and personal integrity, honesty, self-management and social ability.

Every boy is instructed daily by the Biblical book of Proverbs. All staff members are trained to offer spiritual advice and wisdom in everyday settings as well as during times of crisis.

As a maritime program, the boys live aboard boats while learning seamanship skills. So, all boys must be able to pass a swimming exam before admission. The boys also receive vocational training in a variety of disciplines is also offered on-campus. Lifestyle competence is also taught such as: driver education, job seeking skills (interviewing, resumes, appropriate dress), banking – including establishing and maintaining a checking and savings’ account, the correct use of credit. Every boy learns basic nutrition, cooking and grocery shopping skills, laundry and housekeeping skills.

academicsThe boys must maintain academic success in order to be eligible for extracurricular activities that may include surfing, boating activities, fishing and a myriad of off-campus activities. Responsibility for one’s actions is taught and reinforced on a daily basis. Privileges come only with an increased demonstration of responsibility for one’s self and toward others.

Since it’s inception the Safe Harbor program has provided each boy with the mental, physical and spiritual strength to succeed in life. The water and boating have always played an integral part in their lives. Life on the water provides serenity and peace, but also unequaled opportunities for life lessons. For these reasons, Safe Harbor utilizes the waterfront and vessels as the foundation of the residential, academic and vocational education program.

Sixty-plus donated boats of all sizes fill our docks and the landscape. The vessels serve as housing for the boys and staff; training vessels for marine industry based skills and play an important role in the vocational education and character development programs. While we have kept the unique residential, integrated academic/vocational program, guided by the Christian foundation the same throughout the past 30 years, the vehicles through which the goals are achieved are constantly changing, never stagnant. Safe Harbor will incorporate any medium to excite, inspire, teach and bring hope to boys we serve.


The Maritime-Based Boarding School

Safe Harbor Brings Sea Change.