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How to Help Safe Harbor

Wish List Items


Paper Towels
Dawn Dish Sop
Toilet Paper
Wasp Spray – more in the summer
Batteries (AA, AAA & D primary)
Liquid Bleach
Powder Laundry Detergent – used to wash boat decks


Plastic Wrap
Soft Scrub
First Aid Tape
Aluminum Foil
New Skin for cuts/scrapes
Deodorant (Stick Only)
Canned Veggies
Dry Erase Markers
Pens & Pencils
Rechargeable Shavers
Body Wash
Battery Operated Alarm Clock (No Radio)
Deep Woods Off (Non- Aerosol)
Neosporin Ointment
Watches (less than $20.00 each)
Rechargeable Shavers
Military Type Nylon Belts
Spray Bottles (16oz)
Canned Tuna & Chicken
Hand-Held & Deck Scrub Brushes
Trash Bags (33 Gallon)


See Amazon Wish List at this link



Magazines — Candy — Gum — Soda — Sweets

You can be a part of helping children and families through Safe Harbor Boys Home

In addition to sending us a check in the mail, here are just some other ways you can give:

    • Make an Online GiftSafe Harbor Boys Home relies upon the generosity of individuals to help make this non-profit ministry possible. Direct gifts can be made to the ministry in general or designated for specific programs. Gifts can also be made in memory or in honor of loved ones. Click here or click on the “Donate Now” button below.

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  • Find Out If Your Company Has A Matching Gifts Program – Please let us know if your company has a matching gift program. You can find out by contacting your company’s human resources department. Fill in the forms and list Safe Harbor Boys Home as the beneficiary.
  • Make A Planned Gift – Bequests and other planned gifts are important ways to help children even as you meet the needs of your family. Call us at (904) 757-7918 or send us an e-mail if you would like to receive information about planned giving.
  • Volunteer Your Time – Safe Harbor Boys Home is in need of individuals who are willing to volunteer their time to help with tasks as varied from stuffing envelopes to serving as tutors. Call us at 1-904-757-7918 or send an email to let us know of your interest.
  • Take On A Campus Project – Groups that can do construction, renovation, and repair are always welcomed. Contact us via e-mail or by calling (904) 757-7918 to set up a project.
  • Become A Visiting Resource – Chef’s Night Out is a great way to get to know us. You or your group of adult friends bring in a meal to share with the staff and residents. You can prepare the meal here or bring it from an outside source. Some groups schedule this monthly, others quarterly, or even once a year. Contact us via e-mail or by calling (904) 757-7918.

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