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Finding a Safe Harbor for Your Son with Depression

We can help your teen if he struggles with Depression, which is more than simply sadness. Depression is an omnipresent feeling of worthlessness, hopelessness and bleakness and that engulfs him, leaving him with no respite from his distress.

Many people don’t accurately understand Depression, and some who suffer from it are hesitant to find treatment, troubled by the stigma they may believe is attached to the disorder. Symptoms can include self-hatred, trouble staying focused, inexplicable aches and pains, changes in appetite, sleep or weight, reduced energy, lack of interest in normally enjoyed hobbies and activities.

Safe Harbor…Throwing a Lifeline for Your Son with Depression

Treatment for Depression normally requires at least some professional assistance. Therapy might well be combined with medication to assist your boy to regain a more evenhanded approach to life’s challenges, to help uncover root causes of the depression as well as provide effective coping strategies for dealing with the feelings of despair. He might find some symptom relief be learning stress management techniques, or by altering his exercise regimen and eating habits. Most people respond well to treatments, and find partial or complete relief from symptoms.

As parents, it may be difficult to recognize the symptoms, because the more common reaction to it in teens is actually petulance rather than sorrow. Your son may demonstrate loss of temper and hostility. Teen Depression can lead to self-medication with alcohol or drugs, and then problems with schoolwork. Depression is a also a main cause of teen suicide, emphasizing the significance of seeking treatment early for problems rather than hoping things will improve on their own.

Safe Harbor… Helping Troubled Boys Become Men of Character and Integrity

This unique, waterfront-based Christian residential boarding school is a salvation for troubled boys. Our program is similar to a therapeutic boarding school, but uses maritime training as the therapeutic model for at-risk teenagers. Safe Harbor is a safe, stable, structured, unconventional choice that can be a much more effective option than reform schools, foster care programs, or lockup in the juvenile justice system. We allow them to learn responsibility and experience behavior modification through seamanship, mentoring, counseling and spiritual focus, while also studying for a high school diploma.

Licensed mental health professionals and pastoral counselors offer both individual and group counseling opportunities. Most boys entering the program have had outpatient counseling but this has not led to anticipated change.

Our academic philosophy, built on the belief that education is a lifelong process that occurs in every area of life, uses the unique and creative learning approach to teach our curriculum, benefiting students who have not found success in a traditional academic setting thus far.

We assist the boys in becoming responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and vocational training, that centers on full responsibility for the upkeep for the very boat on which they will live. Real-life learning teaches them boat repair/maintenance, welding and carpentry; lifestyle competence will instruct them on everything from how to establish and maintain credit/bank accounts, apply for a job, to cooking and housekeeping skills. Our goal is to prepare them for entrance into and success in the workplace, equipping them with a sturdy work ethic and positive character traits, like self-esteem, integrity, reliability and maturity.

Their learned knowledge of the water and boat, respect for your equipment and the elements, self-reliance and perseverance, will later be applied to what will become their broader view of the world; they must be able to analyze for themselves and then act, and overcome the challenges that they (and we all) will face in life.

Safe Harbor is here to throw out a lifeline for your troubled son so that he can get back on track, giving him an independent, self-sufficient life ahead.

The Maritime-Based Boarding School

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