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Christian Boarding Schools…See this Unique School Made Popular by the Hallmark Movie, “Safe Harbor.”

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As you search for Christian boarding schools, will you take a minute to look at Safe Harbor? Safe Harbor is a lower cost alternative to Christian boarding schools for boys who are struglling, using a maritime theme and campus. 

Safe Harbor is Christian boarding school offering a one-of-a-kind maritime experience designed to coach troubled boys in critical life skills and to build character. The Safe Harbor boarding school story is portrayed in the 2009 movie “Safe Harbor” on the Hallmark Channel, which still airs periodically today. Safe Harbor has been featured nationally in People Magazine, and on CBS This Morning, NBC News Today, CNN, and CBN.

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Safe Harbor is a Christian boarding school based in Jacksonville, Florida with more than 25 years of experience in developing men of character, integrity, and vision. While we are located in Florida, we accept and provide education to boys from Louisiana.

Safe Harbor transforms wayward teenage boys into mature and dependable young men. Boys who enroll at Safe Harbor may be dealing with depression, rebellion, behavioral and school problems, minor drug use or trouble with the law, or the upheaval of a loss in their life. Typically, teens like these benefit from a less narrow view of the world, one not so fixated on themselves or keeping up with their peers.

Though you may be seeking a Christian boarding school elsewhere, please consider that the Safe Harbor maritime experience blended with the one-on-one attention, counsel and training offer an unparalleled setting for growth and change in behavior in your boy.

Safe Harbor boarding school teaches boating and maritime skills, gives practical life skills, and builds character in the context of vocational training, all while boys pursue their high school diplomas. The boys make their home on board boats at this waterfront boarding school. They gain knowledge of boating on the ocean and rivers while learning respect for self and others, self-reliance, perseverance, and much more. Each teen who successfully completes Safe Harbor learns to captain his own vessel, both literally and figuratively.

Christian Boarding School with Non-Stop Education

boarding school boysClasses run year-round, letting students catch up wherever they may have fallen behind academically. Boys who graduate Safe Harbor receive a high school diploma, and many go on to two-year and four-year colleges.

At Safe Harbor, practical knowledge means as much as academic knowledge. Besides all aspects of boating and seamanship, we give vocational training in several topics, like carpentry, boat refurbishing, navigation, log keeping and map reading, welding, boat maintenance and repair, and basic electrical work.

We also believe boys should be capable in basic life skills. Graduates of Safe Harbor are taught to balance a checkbook and handle credit responsibly, apply for a job using appropriate resume and interview skills, understand basic nutrition, and handle laundry and housekeeping tasks, to name just some of the topics we cover. Our goal is to make your boy respectful, self-reliant, confident, and competent.

Christian Boarding School that Helps Boys Grow Up and Become Responsible, Caring Young Men

boys homeSafe Harbor teaches teenage boys practical spiritual lessons. We encourage teens to ask the significant questions about life and discover the answers for themselves. We also provide group and one-on-one counseling, both from a mental health professional and from a pastoral counselor. The small enrollment in our program guarantees an abundance of interaction time for boys with our professional Christian staff and mentors.

Safe Harbor is like no other Christian boarding school. It gives boys a transforming opportunity and an adventure not found anywhere else. As you continue your search, thank you for looking at Safe Harbor Maritime Academy situated on the East Coast in Jacksonville, Florida.

To learn more, we invite you to read the remainder of our website, then fill out our online inquiry form or contact us directly at (904) 902-0136.

Admission is Year-Round.  Safe Harbor in Jacksonville, Florida 
is a Lower Cost Christian Boarding School

More about Christian boarding schools:
A Christian therapeutic boarding school (TBS), alternatively known as an emotional growth boarding school, is a boarding school based on the therapeutic community model that offers an educational program together with specialized structure and supervision for students with emotional and behavioral problems, substance abuse problems, or learning difficulties. In contrast with residential treatment programs, which are more clinically focused and primarily provide behavior therapy and treatment for adolescents with serious issues, the focus of a TBS is toward emotional and academic recovery involving structure and supervision for physical, emotional, behavioral, family, social, intellectual and academic development. Christian therapeutic and educational approaches vary greatly; with the approaches best described as a “tapestry” of interventions.The typical duration of student enrollment in a TBS range from one to two years. Students may receive either high school diplomas or credits for transfer to other secondary schools.[1] Some Christian therapeutic boarding schools hold educational accreditation.
Excerpt about Christian boarding schools, used with permission from Wikipedia.

The Maritime-Based Boarding School

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