All-Boy Boarding Schools in Miami, Florida


If you are looking for all-boys boarding schools in Miami, Florida that can assist your troubled boy in turning his life around, Safe Harbor Academy in Florida may be a better option.

All boys boarding schoolThe decision to turn over the supervision of your dysfunctional teenage son can be among the biggest and most stressful decisions a parent ever faces.

All-boys boarding schools for troubled boys in Miami, Florida are commonly the best response to helping your son if he is engaging in problematic behaviors. The skill of our staff members and the incredible experiences of graduates and their families reflect this. At this boarding school, we provide counseling, education, recreation, and hands-on skills to turn problematic boys’ lives around. Though it may appear like too much during such a stressful time, it is frequently preferable that your son gets away from their present environment and friends in Miami, Florida. Teens who go to boarding schools for problem boys around their own home area are at a much greater risk of leaving the program early, canceling out the benefits they might otherwise get. Placing them in a comfortable, highly structured environment away from Miami, Florida is crucial to properly rehabilitating troubled teenagers.

Benefits to troubled residents at all-boy boarding schools.

This academy is different from typical institutions in Florida, in that it lacks the atmosphere of an institution, instead providing a loving, homelike atmosphere where students feel cared for and at ease, while being closely supervised. This has been demonstrated to be the background in which teenagers can achieve the greatest measure of success. If your son is dealing with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, or substance abuse issues, our program’s staff is trained to deal with these problems and help them to heal. Building a school that does not feel like an institution is necessary for successful therapy. If boys do not feel relaxed and cared for, they will not be able to be as forthcoming as they will need to be to enable our counselors and therapists to truly address root issues that result in dysfunctional and problematic behaviors.

Boys struggling in education can achieve rehabilitation with correct support at therapeutic boarding schools.

boarding schoolThe scholastic program taught at this academy is specifically created with troubled teens in mind. Certain boarding schools insist upon maintaining high standards of academic distinction. At this program, we understand that troubled teens often have fallen behind in school and are in need of individualized academic assistance that can get them back on track. While academic achievement is, of course, the goal, this program is structured to address the particular needs of struggling teenagers. In addition to academics, personal work is necessary to address dysfunctional thought patterns that lead to many of the problems teens are experiencing. Simply focusing on external issues like behavior and education will not suffice in terms of creating a real, lifelong modification in these teenagers. In fact, once the emotional and spiritual elements of these teenager’s ailments are addressed, they tend to straighten out in other parts of their lives, like academics and behavior.

Substance abuse among teenagers in Miami, FL can be a crushing issue. We can help!

Teens involved with drugs or displaying emotional issues like depression frequently have lessened interest in physical recreation, which are healthy and natural for teenagers. At this program, we foster a regaining of their innate interest in fitness and the outdoors. Keeping teens physically active gains fitness and confidence, which are essential additions to the counseling experience for the student. Students at this program learn applicable, hands-on work skills. This teaches trustworthiness and accountability, as well as increasing self-esteem. Teenagers learn, in this therapeutic program, to balance work and fun, creating a practical and robust work ethic. This goes on into their life after the program, enabling them to become viable, productive members of society. Within this secure and compassionate program, students are able to learn principles, and discover God. This is the only effective method for teens to be rid of the selfishness and self-centeredness that causes most of their problematic patterns, from addiction to other conduct disorders. Within a positive structure, and surrounded by healthy influences, students develop a new, healthy peer group that will hold them accountable and encourage them in their new, spiritual way of living.

Consequences facing difficult teens without necessary treatment.

Troubled teenagers vulnerable to a wide variety of negative behaviors, several of which can destroy their lives, as well as the lives of those around them. Such risks include:

• Each day, more than 1,400 American teens will attempt suicide.
• The 3rd leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds is suicide.
• 3,500 American teens run away from home, every day.
• Every 4 minutes, a teen is arrested for an alcohol-related infraction.
• Every 7 minutes, a teen is incarcerated for a drug-related crime.
• Approximately 40% of teenage girls have an associate in an unhealthy relationship with a male.

If your son is a troubled teenager in Miami, Florida, this program can help. By offering therapy, academic rehabilitation, and a useful program of spiritual principles, this program offers a true answer that can alter your son’s life. Our staff is highly skilled and dedicated, caring honestly about the recovery of each and every student.

Though not situated in Miami, Florida, Safe Harbor is a boarding school for troubled youth that can assist your teenage boy.

Troubled teens frequently require more support than is possible within their own household. A caring and supportive family are, unfortunately, not always sufficient to change the unhealthy behaviors of such a child. This program offers solutions, however, and teaches a true solution that can transform your son into a healthy, productive child, returning them to you a different young person. Safe Harbor Academy is a maritime program. The residents live on boats, learning seafaring skills. All boys have to pass a swimming exam as a requirement of entrance. The boys receive vocational training in a range of fields is also provided on-campus. Lifestyle competence such as driver education, job finding skills, banking – including establishing and maintaining a checking and savings’ account, the correct use of credit, and each boy completes Dr. Robbie’s FHA club (Future Husbands of America) learning simple diet, food preparation and domestic shopping skills, laundry and housekeeping skills. The boys must uphold academic excellence in order to be eligible for extramural events that may consist of windsurfing, boating activities, fishing and a range of off-campus activities. Accountability for one’s decisions is demonstrated and reinforced on a daily basis. Extra perks come only with a continuous demonstration of responsibility for one’s self and toward others.

If your teenager is having difficulty with behaviors, school, or other issues, Safe Harbor Academy can help. Our specialized, maritime school is the ideal environment for young men who cannot to excel in traditional schooling environments. Call us at (904) 902-0136 to hear how we can help.

Safe Harbor Academy, Jacksonville, Florida

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