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boarding school academicsThe Safe Harbor is a registered private school in the State of Florida.  Our academic philosophy is built on the belief that education is a life long process and occurs in every area of life. At Safe Harbor, the foundation to a balanced education is the understanding that varied and unique learning styles exist, and identifying the particular style of a student ensures he will achieve maximum success. Integrating a student’s unique learning style with traditional and active learning, hands-on and critical thinking skills, developed in an atmosphere seeking and requiring excellence, empowers students to achieve maximum success. Thus, learning becomes fun, stimulating, and its own reward.

1523711_10152226934316633_7976425943396327461_oAcademics are a core component of the overall Safe Harbor Academy program. Due to behavioral challenges, many new students come to Safe Harbor academically delayed. The academic and overall program helps students recover from these delays and regain lost ground. The curriculum combined with the unique and creative learning approach supports students who previously have not experienced success in the academic setting.

The overall program, including vocational and maritime elective credit classes, reinforce “real life” learning. Key academic and life lessons are melded into the overall program helping students discover their true interests and abilities, while strengthening and helping students develop positive character qualities in their lives.


  • Academic core courses four days per week
  • Study hall required & supervised four nights per week (if academic goals not met)
  • Experiential learning is an important component of the overall program & reinforces academic learning concepts
  • Flexible block scheduling to ensure academics are enhanced and reinforced with the maritime, vocational, and elective courses – also prevents student burnout
  • Spiritual Integration of biblical principles into daily life
  • Personal Values, Character, Integrity and Wisdom taught and reinforced daily in the classroom and throughout the program

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Graduating students usually go on to enroll in two year, four year and major colleges, and all branches of the Armed Services.

Safe Harbor Graduation Requirements
English – 4 Credits   Science – 3 Credits
Economics – .5 Credit   P.E./Health – 1 Credit
Personal Finance – .5 credit*   American Government – .5 Credit
Math – 4 Credits   Fine Arts – 1 Credit
American History -1 Credit   World History – 1 Credit
Constitution – 1 credit*   Maritime Classes – 8 Credits

*required by Safe Harbor Academy program for graduation

CHARITABLE GIVING INFORMATION: Safe Harbor Haven Inc dba Safe Harbor Boys Home & Maritime Academy is a 501c3 charitable nonprofit organization. State of Florida Charitable Registration Number: CH2422. Legal Address: 4772 Safe Harbor Way • Jacksonville, FL 32226 Phone: (904)757-7918
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Should you need help finding boarding schools for troubled youth, therapeutic schools, Christian therapeutic schools, affordable schools for troubled teens, please let us know. Safe Harbor is a home for troubled boys. It serves at-risk boys from homes in Florida, Georgia, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, in Arkansas, and in Texas. Plus, in the Midwest in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana and in Illinois. Mostly, troubled teens from homes along the east coast including in Virginia, in North Carolina, in South Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in New Jersey, in Massachusetts and in New York are provided counseling and therapy.

Academics | Safe Harbor Christian Boarding School

Academics at Safe Harbor Boys Home, where trades, accredited high school education and practical experience help young men become confident and mature.

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