Spiritual emphasis for Safe Harbor Academy, the Christian therapeutic boarding school depicted n the Hallmark movie, Safe Harbor. - residential treatment for girls and cheap boarding schools.


Spiritual Emphasis

boys homeSafe Harbor believes that each individual must come to their own decision regarding their faith. Every boy at Safe Harbor is instructed daily from the practical wisdom of the biblical book of Proverbs. All staff members are trained to offer spiritual advice and wisdom in every day settings as well as during times of crisis.

Safe Harbor is an interdenominational ministry. We believe the teachings of the Bible (Old and New Testaments).  The staff are dedicated Christian individuals who care for each boy in the program. Boys from different religious backgrounds or those from no religious influence are accepted and no child is required to convert to have success in the program. However, we are a Christ-centered ministry and firmly believe that this is the reason we have success with the boys at Safe Harbor

home for boysSince it’s inception the Safe Harbor program has provided each boy with the mental, physical and spiritual strength to succeed in life. Safe Harbor does not require a student to accept our beliefs, nor do we ever “force” acceptance on anyone or limit them in any way if they do not believe. 

boys home

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Safe Harbor Spiritual Component

Spiritual emphasis for Safe Harbor Academy, the Christian therapeutic boarding school depicted n the Hallmark movie, Safe Harbor.