All boys boarding schools in Birmingham, Alabama may not have what Safe Harbor boarding school for boys has to offer – private boarding schools and teenage boarding schools.

All Boys Boarding Schools in Birmingham, Alabama

If you are looking for all boys boarding schools in Birmingham, Alabama that are able to aid your troubled boy in dramatically adjusting his reaction to life, Safe Harbor Academy in Florida may be a better option.

All boys boarding schoolThe decision to turn over the care of your problematic teenage son can be one of the heaviest and most difficult choices a parent ever faces.

All boys boarding schools for troubled boy in Birmingham, Alabama are commonly the ideal solution to helping your son if he is exhibiting unhealthy behaviors. The training of our staff members and the overwhelmingly positive testimonials of graduates and their families prove this. At this boarding school, we have counseling, education, recreation, and practical skills to turn difficult boys’ lives around. Although it may look like too much during such a stressful time, it is frequently preferable that your son gets distance from their usual environment and acquaintances in Birmingham, Alabama. Teens who enroll boarding schools for problem boys inside their own home area are at a much higher risk of leaving the program early, cancelling out the benefits they might otherwise receive. Placing them in a trustworthy, highly supervised environment away from Birmingham, Alabama is essential to properly rehabilitating troubled teenagers.

Benefits to troubled residents at all boys boarding schools.

This academy is unlike typical institutions in Alabama, in that it lacks the vibe of an institution, instead providing a caring, homey atmosphere where children feel cared for and relaxed, while being tightly supervised. This has been demonstrated to be the atmosphere in which teenagers can achieve the largest measure of success. If your son is exhibiting depression, anxiety, low self-confidence, trauma, or drug and alcohol abuse problems, our program’s staff is able to face these problems and help them to heal. Creating a school that does not feel like an institution is crucial for helpful therapy. If boys do not feel comfortable and cared for, they will not be able to be as open as they will need to be to allow our counselors and therapists to successfully get to core issues that result in unhealthy and problematic behaviors.

Teenagers struggling in academics can find recovery with proper support at therapeutic boarding schools.

boarding schoolThe scholastic program taught at this academy is uniquely created with unhealthy teens in mind. Some boarding schools insist upon keeping high standards of academic excellence. At this program, we acknowledge that troubled teens often have fallen behind in school and are in need of individualized academic support that can get them back on track. While academic achievement is, of course, the goal, this program is created to cope with the unique needs of ailing teenagers. As well as academics, personal work is required to heal unhealthy thought patterns that are at the root of many of the problems teens are dealing with. Just addressing surface issues like behavior and academics will not be enough in terms of shaping a genuine, enduring modification in these young people. In fact, once the emotional and spiritual aspects of these teenager’s ailments are addressed, they tend to straighten out in other parts of their lives, like academics and behavior.

Alcohol abuse in teenagers in Birmingham, AL can be a crushing concern. We can help!

Teens involved with drugs or experiencing emotional problems like depression often have lowered interest in physical recreation, which are good and necessary for teenagers. At this program, we push for a re-kindling of their natural interest in fitness and the outdoors. Keeping teens physically challenged gains health and confidence, which are important additions to the counseling students experience. Teenagers at this facility learn applicable, real-life work skills. This teaches work ethic and honesty, as well as boosting self-esteem. Teenagers discover, in this therapeutic program, to balance work and recreation, building a reliable and admirable work ethic. This goes on into their life after the program, allowing them to become viable, productive members of society. Within this supervised and supportive program, students are able to gain principles, and find God. This is the only proven strategy for teens to overcome the selfishness and self-centeredness that leads to the majority of their unhealthy patterns, from addiction to other behavioral disorders. Within a healthy structure, and immersed in healthy influences, students obtain a new, healthy peer group that will hold them accountable and support them in their new, principled way of living.

Consequences facing troubled teens without necessary treatment.

Troubled teenagers vulnerable to a wide variety of negative behaviors, a lot of which can destroy their lives, in addition to the lives of those around them. Such risks include:

• Daily, more than 1,400 American teens will try suicide.
• The 3rd leading cause of death for 15-24 year olds is suicide.
• 3,500 American teens run away from their family, every day.
• Every 4 minutes, a teen is jailed for an alcohol-related crime.
• Every 7 minutes, a teen is arrested for a drug-related crime.
• Nearly 40% of teenage girls have an acquaintance in an abusive relationship with a male.

If your son is a dysfunctional teenager in Birmingham, Alabama, this program can help. By providing treatment, academic repair, and a practical program of spiritual principles, this program presents a real answer that can change your son’s life. Our staff is very experienced and dedicated, caring honestly about the transformation of each and every student.

Though not located in Birmingham, Alabama, Safe Harbor is a boarding school for troubled youth that can aid your teenage boy.

Troubled teens often need more support than is possible within their own household. A caring and supportive family are, unfortunately, not always enough to curb the worrisome behaviors of such a child. This program offers an answer, however, and teaches an actual solution that can transform your son into a healthy, productive child, returning them to you a different young person. Safe Harbor Academy is a maritime program. The residents live aboard boats, learning nautical skills. All boys have to pass a swimming test as a requirement of enrolling. The boys receive job training in a variety of disciplines is also provided on-site. Lifestyle fundamentals like driver education, job finding skills, finances – including developing and keeping a checking and savings’ account, the appropriate use of credit, and each boy finishes Dr. Robbie’s FHA club (Future Husbands of America) learning simple nutrition, food preparation and household shopping skills, laundry and housekeeping skills. The boys must maintain academic success in order to be qualified for extracurricular events that may include SCUBA certification, windsurfing, boating activities, fishing and a variety of off-campus activities. Responsibility for one’s decisions is taught and re-iterated regularly. Privileges come only with an ongoing exhibition of responsibility for one’s self and toward their peers.

If your teenager is having difficulty with behaviors, school, or other issues, Safe Harbor Academy can help. Our unique, maritime school is the ideal environment for boys who struggle to succeed in traditional schooling environments. Call us at (904) 757-7918 to find out how we can help.

Safe Harbor Academy, Jacksonville, Florida

More about all boys boarding schools for troubled boys in Birmingham, Alabama:

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Should you need help finding American military academies, therapeutic boarding schools, homes for troubled youth or residential treatment for teens, please let us know. Safe Harbor is among the top therapeutic schools, our therapeutic boarding schools for boys; one of few residential treatment centers and residential schools for teens that is affordable. As a home for troubled boys it serves at-risk boys, we help boys in Florida, Georgia, in Kentucky, in Tennessee, in Missouri, in Louisiana, in Arkansas, and in Texas. Plus, in the Midwest in Michigan, in Ohio, in Indiana and in Illinois. Mostly, troubled teens from homes along the east coast including in Virginia, in North Carolina, in South Carolina, in Pennsylvania, in New Jersey, in Massachusetts and in New York are provided counseling and therapy.

All Boys Boarding Schools in Birmingham, Alabama

All boys boarding schools in Birmingham, Alabama may not have what Safe Harbor boarding school for boys has to offer